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Starter Good, Something Else Bad! PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!

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The other day my car wouldnt start so i cut my + battery terminal wire back 4 inches b/c of the corrosion and that fixied it, started fine for 2 days. The other day i got to work and went to take my first delivery and it wouldnt start. Well I worked on it a while with my dad with a multi meter and tested a lot of stuff, mainly the wire coming off the started solonoid with the little connector (BLACK/White Wire) that turns into a (Black/YEllow Wire). Well to make a long story short theres no power coming off my ignition switch (key starter thing) going to the solonoid. We tested the relays and the clutch inhibior is bypasses so that cant be it. Can anyone help me? We looks at that schematics in the FCM and it's a pretty basic setup. Im stuck here and need help. By the way the grounds are good and when turn the key the fuel pump primes and then shut off but then nothing happens when i go to start it. And all the fuses we checked are good? Anyone? Thanks

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