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if you have replaced the starter in a 96 se-r write me and tell me how you did it. i know there are 2 diffrent styles of starters and mine was the one under the intake manifold and above a brace that suports the intake manifols and the passenger side cv shaft. i finaly jus un did that brace, but if you have done it a different way let me know. thanks guys,

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Here is the instructions that I wrote up for the SE-R mailing list, if you have questions like this, it is best to consult the archives at

Archive key words: Starter, Install, Brace

Tools Needed:

14mm Socket
13mm Socket (Depends on replacement starter)
12mm Deep Socket
Ratchet Extension
Flathead Screw Driver
Work Light
Wrench to Disconnect Battery Terminal

Ok, you have to get into the mode. The first time you do this, its gonna be
frustrating! The spaces you are dealing with are very hard to work in. I
recommend, taking at least 1 if not 2 beer breaks.

Disconnect the Battery, Throw some Shiner Bock on ice then proceed to step

1. First you need to locate the starter. Jack up the front of the car, or
drive it up onto stands. Place a mat or something to rest you head on under
the car, cause your gonna be there for awhile. Orient you body so that you
are looking between the firewall and the engine block, with your legs
sticking out of the front of your beast mobile. You should see a fairly
large brace with two 14mm bolts going into the block at the bottom, and
bolts attaching it to the intake manifold above. These are 12mm bolts.
Behind this brace is out friend the Starter.

2. Begin by removing the two 14mm bolts attached to the engine block.

3. The 12mm bolt above are a pain in the ass! The space is cramped, and you
are gonna get some battle scars. I found the best way to attack them was
from under the car. Take your 12mm deep socket, and feel around until it
slips over the bolt. Then, snake your ratchet up there and stick it into the
socket. This should do the trick.

4. Pull the brace off of the threads, and let it sit, sandwiched between the
block and firewall. You should be able to see the starter now.

5. Disconnect the plug that attaches to the harness, and slide the connector
off of the brace its attached too.

6. Now there is the large wire that runs into the starter, which is held on
by a bolt. Now this is confusing, the starter that came off my car used a
single 14mm bolt. The replacement used a 12mm bolt, with a 13mm bolt behind
it. Use whatever works in your situation. Get the bolt off, and then slide
off the wire.

7. Climb out from under the car. Grab a beer.

8. Disconnect the intake tube that runs from the Throttle Body to the MAF.
This makes it easier, the second time I did my starter(don't ask) I didn't
have to remove it, but it definitely makes it easier the first time. Remove
from engine.

9. Now look down at the tranny. You should see a large 14mm bolt right below
the intake manifold. Up and to the left of this is another 14mm bolt, it
might be hard to see, cause the Valve Cover casts a shadow on it.

10. Remove the first bolt with a 14mm socket, and an extension if necessary.
Its a long bolt with lots of threads, so its gonna take awhile!

11. As for the other bolt, you can detach the clutch cable bracket to get at
it easier. But I don't recommend it, I messed up the tension in my clutch
and I ended up spending an hour after my starter install to get it right,
just leave it on. Put the ratchet on the bolt, and undo that long sucker.

12. Climb under the car, and slide the starter out from its hole. Giggle
like a mad scientist while clutching the greasy in front of you. Resist the
temptation to bash the crap out of the defective part. You have to get your
core charge remember?

13. I used two people here. It might be possible to do it with a single
person if you are creative. I will give instructions, assuming you have a
friend. Go under the car and slide the new starter in its hole. Have your
assistant thread the long 14mm bolt into first hole that is under the intake
manifold. It is easier to this bolt first, because you can see this bolt
threading into the starter, the other you can't. Once the bolt is through
the tranny, block, then starter, tighten that sucker down.

14. Thread in the other long bolt. While the assistant does this, you may
have to jiggle the starter a little to get the hole in the starter aligned
with the incoming bolt. Tighten down.

15. Reattach the intake piping.

16. Climb under car and slide the electrical wire over the connector, and
tighten the 14mm/13mm/12mm bolt onto it. You should do this step after the
starter has been bolted to the car, it is MUCH MUCH easier this way. Trust
me, I know.

17. Reattach electrical connector on the Starter, to the harness.

18. Slide the brace back on its threads that run into the intake manifold.

19. Thread the 12mm bolt on the threads in the manner described above.
Tighten using my patented method.

20. Put the larger 14mm bolts in that are located on the bottom and run
into the engine block.

21. Lower Vehicle off of jacks.

22. Reconnect battery Terminals.

23. Fire it up!

Congrats, your all done. Be patient, the spaces are confined, its takes time
to do some of the steps! If you have any questions, just e-mail me.

Lyn Labahn

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Hey thanx for doing the dirty work! I hate searching! :p

96 200SX SE-R
94 Sentra XE-Sold :(
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