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I need some quick advice here guys! I make my living as a delivery driver, and so the longer my car sits dead in my driveway the less money I'll have to pay my bills at the end of the month.

Now for the past few months every now and again I'd go out to my car, turn the key, and instead of starting I would hear a single click coming from the engine bay. This was the result of a badly corroded battery terminal, I'd usualy unhook it, wipe it off, reconnect it and my car would then start up fine and I'd be on my way.

Two weeks ago, due to belt slippage, a bearing in my alternator went bad. I took it out, had the bearing replaced, and reinstalled it. Since then everything had been peachy, that is untill yesterday...

I started working around 10:00 am and as the day went on, I began to notice my car was having trouble starting more and more as the day went on. At the time it felt like my battery was simply running out of juice. Eventualy around 5:30 I went out to my car with a delivery, and it wouldn't start at all, all I'd hear was a single click coming from the engine bay.

My first thoughts were either something had come loose after installing my alternator or I needed to clean off my terminal again. I checked over the alternator and all the connections looked fine, so I then cleaned off the terminal hoping that was my problem, but no such luck. I then got one of my co-workers to help me try and jump it and still nothing, just a single click coming from the engine bay when I turned my key.

I went out and got a brand new battery but that didn't help at all so I brought it back and purchased a new terminal. I then cut off the old terminal and bought a nice new shiny one, installed it with no problem, and crossed my fingers as I turned the ignition.

Again I heard a click, but this time it wasn't coming from the engine bay, it instead was coming from one of the relays to the right of the fuse box. Go figure! I can't pick out which of the four relays is acctualy clicking, perhaps someone could tell me which one would be related to an ignition problem and I could try replacing it? Or if any of this sounds familiar to anyone else out there I'd appreciate it if you could shed some light on my problem.

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my guess would be the switch that tells the car that the clutch is all the way down. when you try to start your car without the clutch pushed in you still hear the acc relay click off. so that is my guess. get the car jacked up test the starter wire to see if your getting voltage to the starter. or check you relay under the hood labeled interupt

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The clicking from the fuse panel is probably the fuel pump relay. There's not enough charge to run the pump or even keep current in the relay solenoid.

I had this same problem yesterday. I store my 96 all winter and have started it a few times in the last month, each time it has to be jump started. I'm probably going to test the alternator if it keeps draining on me. BTW, my battery is about a year old.

-Larry MacLeod
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