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Quick question for all the Classic owners...

On my '91 SE-R, the steering wheel feels "loose", if you will. I can jam the wheel left and right about 4-5 inches either way and the car will track straight, with nothing but a little wobbling.

however, if i hold the wheel and 1 or 2 left or right it will slowly steer in that respective direction. my alignment is good, so that rules that out.

now, the question posed is that is my crummy steering response due to cheap tires, or is there something else wrong?

second comment is that i just cleaned my throttle body. hasn't been long enough to see any gas mileage increase, but i did get a chance to Gtech her a few times.

before the TB cleaning, it was clicking consistent 7.8 second runs to 60 and about 16 flat in the 1/4. afterwards, i am running consistent 7.4-7.6 seconds to 60 and a 15.8-15.9 in the quarter.
woo hoo!

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