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Stillen G-Load Brace 75shipped

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Stillen G-Load Brace 75shipped.

was trading this, but he never sent the product. i felt kinda sketchy the first time he said he'd send it. the second way im sending it out before getting my stuff first. and i want the money anyway. i paid 85 for this brand new. just installed to see how it would fit...on his car. i never installed it on mine. pics will be up tonight or tomorro hopefully.

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what does this g-brace do?
It's just like an extra roll or sway bar. It ties the front suspensions together.
do you have pics? does it help handling out a lot?
I never used it so I can't say. But it should help handling just like a roll bar/sway bar does. Steering should be more responsive from what I see it does. I'm no expert so I don't really know. I'm just tryin to get some cash, so if it doesn't sell this final time ima just put it on.

No pics, but its still brand new. I bought it off another guy who installed it just to see how low it would hang on a b13. I guess a lil too low if you have a lowered b13. won't scrap, but speed bumps...mmm.

But still new. And stillen's price is like 99bucks plus tax and shipping. You live in nothern cali. so if you go to any meets i can bring it if you wanna buy it. or look at it.
just tot let you know i have one on my 97 ser, it is a great buy, however if you are lowered, buyer beware, i am lowered, it's no biggy at all, just baby it over speed bumps and stiffin your suspention, i've scraped a few times but as long as you are careful and know what you have for clearence you will be fine. plus it really helps get ride of roll.
one more thing the only bad part about the install is that you need a deep socket, i thnk the socket size is 24 or a little bigger,, it bolts on to your cambers.
Yeah...good news. How low is your car? I don't plan on lowering it much and I doubt anyone will buy this. So I'm prolly gonna put it on. Once I get my suspension fixed :eek:
i wanted to buy this the last time you had it for sale, but I missed out. So I am ready to paypal you the $75 bucks. When can you ship it out? send me a pm with your email for paypal and i'll paypal you today/tomorrow.
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