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i did a quick search but didnt see anything...

why again wont the 95-97 exhaust not fit on the 98s? ive been to a few online sites and some sell the midpipe for the 95-97 for like $65 but not for the 98s? also is the muffler the same part. if there was any difference i would assume it is on the midpipe. im looking to get a stocker so i can pass inspections here cuz the greddy just aint doin it and i refuse to hack up a peice i paid $500 for.

also if any one who reads this knows, does courtesy nissan offer a discount to forum members? regaurdless of that, who is the guy to talk to when ordering parts from there? the guy at my local dealer offered me 10% but im curious if i can do better?

tia for any imput.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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