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Street Racing Show

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Did anyone catch the street racing show that they have on the discovery channel. ? it is right before american chopper
It was pretty hot but they put a chick in a honda against a guy in an awd talon.
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That girl did not have a chance awd talon against a honda! no way you can't beat awd. i like awd kid he did not like hondas. so the victory must be even better.
SHe would have beat him but her dumb ass posted all her specs on the internet
I beat awd cars all the time with my FWD

evo's talons wrx.
you name it i whopped it, awd is slow on the high way.
Off thr launch they cant be fuked with but 3rd gear im roping them in and passing them at the top of 3rd
i caught the last ten minutes, I saw the race at the end, I'd say she would of had a chance if she had some practice, like a few times down the track. Well i watched american chopper though. They showed the street racing show again at 12 but i had to much homework..
Sucks not having cable anymore. :( Only thing I get to watch is Rides and stuff on TLC.
i personally think the show sucked!
its was stuiped. and made street racing look cool and fun.
the honda also had a hell of a lot more money put into it then the talon.. and who won?? hahahaha maybe it was the 4 m/t's on the talon =P

oh well i don't think i'll be watching it again if its a series.
it just seem like not like races that i would be at, but it was a show 2 watch.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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