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Stuff for sale

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1. This bodykit is an 8-piece "WIDE BODYKIT” it’s Brand New It's taking space in my house and I am moving so I need to get rid of it. here is a link for pics.

2. Selling a brand new FORGE INTERCOOLER asking price.

3. I am selling my B-14 Ground Control coilovers mounted on KYBAGX's. My Car is not everyday driven car, I got them last Summer In August.

I am not puting a price on them best offers. I will not ship the bodykit it to big to ship it will need to be pick up.

My Zip Code is 10314 if you want to look for shiping price.
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250 for intercooler whats the size
Spring rates on the GC Coilovers? Thanks!
what are u asking for the GC's let me know
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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