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I know this is going to sound really stupid, but how do you tell the difference between cams designed for a roller rocker style SR20DE as opposed to a conventional cam'd SR20DE?

The reason I ask is because all UK spec SR20 motors after 1994 are of the roller rocker variety. I own a 97 Primera, which therefore requires roller rocker cams. However, many of the upgrade cams still being sold over here in the UK are for the pre-1994 SR20 motors which don't use roller rocker cams, and therefore I want to make sure I don't get sold the wrong ones.

I'm sure the answer is obvious and near second-nature to those of you that spend many a evening with your engine all over the workbench, but for a uneducated monkey like me, it isn't quite so clear

On a slightly different note, I take it that the install is basically identical for both types - correct?

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Yeah I dunno, but what I usually do is call a couple of places like Stillen , or JWT, or someone near you. I figure if your gonna lay down the dough they'd damn well better know how to advise you, and spend the time doin it. hehe
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