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Stupid nOOb ?

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Im really not stupid but I do have a stupid? My cars performance is the Suxors right now. It pulls good down low but once I hit 5,000rpm it pretty much falls on its face. It is a JDM SR20DE. Im going to do a full tune up on it in the next few days but I still have a question in the back of my mind. My car has 2 known exhaust leaks one at the manifold and one at the collector. Could this also hamper my performance?
And can some one tell me if the Nissan Fuel injector cleaner really works? Or should I just spend a bazillion dollars on New injectors?
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If the manifold is leaking then your o2 sensor is not reading right. Get the exhaust fixed pronto. Oh, the injector cleaner 'may' work good for you, but chances are you need new ones. Injector cleaner works, but it does not perform miracles.
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