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Hey guys my swap is complete finally ive been up for the last 30 hours just piddling around with my car...she cranked right up after gas got into the engine, i have a few problem:

1) transmission oil is leaking from the tranny..i couldnt find 2 bolts could this be the reason?

2)My clutch feel completly different. It slipping whiel its in gear and putting it in gear, but reverse works just find! i dont know what going on here

3) My axle is popping! it didnt do this before!

4) I have power steering fluid BUT no power steering AT ALL its SO TIGHT!!

Im bringing my car to a mechanic to have him check over everything to make sure its right, as far as i can see there is nothing wrong with the engine though! which is a VERY good sign concidering this was my first swap with a little help. well tell me what you think, if new pics arnt up yet then they will be later..I HAVE TO GOTO BED!

- Dennis
-91 Classic w/ Priemra Swap

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