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i have a guess as to why you p/s isnt that thinking maybe its that tube that goes from the p/s pump up towards your left stut tower(looking in the engine from the front)...maybe it isnt connected corretly to the p/s pump...just a guess

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Hey guys my swap is complete finally ive been up for the last 30 hours just piddling around with my car...she cranked right up after gas got into the engine, i have a few problem:
1) transmission oil is leaking from the tranny..i couldnt find 2 bolts could this be the reason?

2)My clutch feel completly different. It slipping whiel its in gear and putting it in gear, but reverse works just find! i dont know what going on here

3) My Axle is popping pretty bad now, it didnt do this before!

4) My power Steering doesnt werk..the fluid is full but ITS SO TIGHT i feel like the car isnt even on..ya know? its [email protected]

Im bringing my car to a mechanic to have him check over everything to make sure its right, as far as i can see there is nothing wrong with the engine though! which is a VERY good sign concidering this was my first swap with a little help. well tell me what you think, if new pics arnt up yet then they will be later..I HAVE TO GOTO BED!

- Dennis
-91 Classic w/ Priemra Swap

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