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swapping to sr16ve from 200sx Ga16

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Ok i bought a bluetop sr16veand so far what i have are...
Complete harness,ECU,MFS,MFS intake hose,complete intake manifold with injectors and sensors,dist.with wires and ignition coil, start,alternator,powersteering and A/C hoses (i dun think ill be using them) and ac lines, belts and pulleys,5-speed C/R VLSD, axles L/R with intermed shaft, and flywheel clutch kit, flex plate, n tranny...
Am i missing anything else i dunno exaclty what i need
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only the basic ga16 to sr swap.( motor/trans mounts,cross member ,shift linkage,radatior ,fans,155 fuel pump,gas/clutch cable,an some other stuff i can`t think of ).look for a parts car se-r with a missing engine.
yeah, it should be just as hard to do as a sr20 swap....
yeah im guessing it is just as hard as a reg sr but i barely had any hands on exp. on motor swaps. and no way am i going to a shop to get it installed. they don't like nissans verymuch all they drive are hondas and acuras with stickers all over their car
add a shift stabilizer as well as the shift linkeage to that list.
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