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Have you tried to get your money back?

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I sent you pics of the head before you bought it. I also produced a receipt showing the head pressure checked ok.. also, i explained, the head was decked as far as is could go..
This kid got the head, has it dis-assembled, and is telling me that it wont work beacause of a few chips caused when a slag broke off of my intercooler piping and was injested into my motor. The slag was nowhere to be found. I drove with a chipped up combustion chamber until i could save enough money for an engine build(4k miles). After the 4k miles, i tore the car down, had the head and block sent off.
The head was declared reuseable by Dover Cylinder Heads. they told me it would have to decked pretty far, but it would work fine. i cleared the work to be done on the head and had it assembled with brand new valves, guides, seals, etc., HKS 262 cams, Greddy rocker arm stoppers, Greddy valve springs. The head has been fully rebuilt, resurfaced, and pressure tested..(i have receipts)
When i sold this guy the head, i hid nothing. he got the head, all parts, a metal head gasket, and arp head studs for $950. I only wanted what i spent on parts back.
Now today he im's me today saying it wont hold pressure(this is after not giving me time to answer an email, jumping to conclusions, and leaving me bad feedback).. my reccomendations werent taken lightly from him.. Here is our conversation:

mysterious 14 69: hey man whats up with that head i cant use it
Allmtrgsr: why?
Allmtrgsr: is your car lowport?
mysterious 14 69: b/c one of the conbustin chambers are all chipped up
mysterious 14 69: its a high port
Allmtrgsr: no... its fine..
Allmtrgsr: its been completely resurfaced..
mysterious 14 69: where it is chipped it wont hold presser i took it to a shop
Allmtrgsr: its is decked to factory specs..
mysterious 14 69: it has been shaved all the way down
Allmtrgsr: i had the head built by dover cylinder heads, it was pressure tested...
mysterious 14 69: i sware man
mysterious 14 69: how about this you send me like $350 so i can swap parts and get a new head and i will send u back the bare head
mysterious 14 69: it is bad man i swear
mysterious 14 69: it looks like a piston hit it
mysterious 14 69: u there bro u said that you wouldnt screw me i trusted you
Allmtrgsr: a slag from i/c piping did that to the head.. it was on my car for over a year like that, before i had it built...
Allmtrgsr: i would not sell a faulty head..
mysterious 14 69: im sorry man i cant put that on my car i race i cant put that on there
Allmtrgsr: i "raced" for over a year with that head on my car..
Allmtrgsr: what shop did you take this head too?
mysterious 14 69: is a Napa
mysterious 14 69: its the only machine shop in this town
mysterious 14 69: man can u just please send me some money and i will send the head back that was a lot of money i sent you and now i dont have any to get this fixed
Allmtrgsr: listen to me. the head held pressure at "dover cylinder heads", but now it doesnt at "napa"..
mysterious 14 69: i dont know man i just took it there to have it looked at and they said that i was junk
Allmtrgsr: i was going to call the machine shop you took it too, but when you said napa, im not even going to waste my time.. they're shops are a joke..
mysterious 14 69: sorry man thats all that is in this town
mysterious 14 69: just help me out man i will tell everyone in buying sexperiences that your the best
mysterious 14 69: but man that head is bad
Allmtrgsr: you've already told them differently.. im going to request the paperwork from dover. if it cant be attained, i will refund your money, and take the complete head back.
Allmtrgsr: ive found the receipt..
mysterious 14 69: the head is apart man all i need is money for a new bare head
Allmtrgsr: it WAS pressure tested at a cylinder head shop, not napa..
mysterious 14 69: im not saying your a lier but i know what i have right here and i need a new head
mysterious 14 69: so your not going to help me out
Allmtrgsr: im sending you the pic of the recipt..
mysterious 14 69: so what are we going to do
Allmtrgsr: clearly pressure tested.
mysterious 14 69: i see the recipt but that dosnt help me i still have a head i cant use
mysterious 14 69: im not trying to make this hard but i cant use this head man
Allmtrgsr: who says the head is unuseable?? the 75yr old machinist at napa?
Allmtrgsr: what did you pull off of the head before you took it to napa?
mysterious 14 69: nothing i took it hole and then when they said that it was bad i took everything off
Allmtrgsr: the head was insured, so its probably time to call ups.. if it truly is bad, it was damaged during shipping.. it was fine when it left here..
Allmtrgsr: it was insured for $1000
mysterious 14 69: so send me some money and i will send the head back to you and then u can deal with ups and i can finsh my car
mysterious 14 69: u there what do u want to do
mysterious 14 69: u there bro
Allmtrgsr: you need to call ups..
mysterious 14 69: y me
Allmtrgsr: because you want your money back..
mysterious 14 69: hey
mysterious 14 69: i called them
mysterious 14 69: u there bro
mysterious 14 69: hey bro i called UPS o
mysterious 14 69: u just not going to talk to me know
mysterious 14 69: u there
mysterious 14 69: talk

mysterious 14 69: u want me to tell you what the said
mysterious 14 69: u want me to tell you what the said
mysterious 14 69: u want me to tell you what the said
mysterious 14 69: u going to talk man
mysterious 14 69: 0252599-0
mysterious 14 69: so what are we going to do
mysterious 14 69: u there
mysterious 14 69: hello
Allmtrgsr: ok, im back...
mysterious 14 69: u there
Allmtrgsr: yeah
mysterious 14 69: so what are we going to do
Allmtrgsr: what did ups say?
mysterious 14 69: to send it back and they would look at it and then they would send it back to you. so if i do that now im wont have the head you will. and the girls asking if the box was damaged and i said no so she said that they wont do anything
Allmtrgsr: i really think you need to go to a cylinder head shop and have the head pressure tested
Allmtrgsr: napa doesnt have the means to proper ly ascess a cylinder head..
mysterious 14 69: sure they do
mysterious 14 69: i have pay pal send me some money for a new head and the swap and i will send it back to you
Allmtrgsr: you have to work with me... i presented proof, from a cylinder head shop the head was pressure tested and checked.
now youre telling me based upon looks, this head wont hold pressure because of some chips.(that have been there over a year(and driven on, for my whole time turbocharged)(6,000 miles))

im sorry man, but the cylinder head shop sent me a good head(mechanically not cosmetically) and i sent you a good head..
Allmtrgsr: if it truly doesnt hold pressure, it happened after i sent it out to you...
mysterious 14 69: thats find man i you dont want to send some money and i will send it back i will just man sure that no one on the forums ever buy from you agin
mysterious 14 69: make*
Allmtrgsr: and i will make you look like a fool..
mysterious 14 69: no it wont man i cant belive you dicked me over like this
Allmtrgsr: i did not dick you over... the head is fine, and you have $900 worth of parts..
Allmtrgsr: looking at it from your point of view..
mysterious 14 69: man that head is not fine
Allmtrgsr: it was fine on my car for the last year..
mysterious 14 69: you dont want to send me money and get that head back b/c you know its bad
Allmtrgsr: no, im not going to send money to you for no reason..
mysterious 14 69: i will make sure that everyone knows u screwed me over man
Allmtrgsr: and i will show them the pressure check pics..
Allmtrgsr: go to a real cylinder head shop...
Allmtrgsr: thats my reccomendation..
mysterious 14 69: and they will tell me that its a bad head
mysterious 14 69: my reccomeddation is dont try to sell anything anymore
Allmtrgsr: go to a real cylinder head shop, and quit being stubborn..
mysterious 14 69: shut up
Allmtrgsr: just get the head checked out by a professional, and get back to me..
mysterious 14 69: they are professionals
Allmtrgsr: take it to a cylinder head shop...
mysterious 14 69: thats the only shop we have
Allmtrgsr: find a cylinder head shop, then come show me some receipts..
mysterious 14 69: i will just leave you a really good buying / selling reccomendation on the forum its cool man i will be the last person you screw
Allmtrgsr: go ahead, i will have my side of the story be known..
mysterious 14 69: u better hope i never come to FL
Allmtrgsr: no need to make empty threats...
Allmtrgsr: like i said, take the head to a head shop... show me some proof something..
mysterious 14 69: ok tomorrow i will take it to NAPA and then i will show you a paper saying that this head is a peace of junk
Allmtrgsr: listen man, the last thing(turbo manifold) i took to napa(to have decked). came back looking like an arch.. there requirements for a machinist are low.


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mysterious 14 69: im going off what they told me
mysterious 14 69: if you want it in writting then i will get it
mysterious 14 69: im not trying to be i dick man i just need some money for a new head
Allmtrgsr: the head pressure checked before i sent it..
Allmtrgsr: it is fine..
mysterious 14 69: maybe this napa is different than your napa
Allmtrgsr: nope, we have a machine shop in ours too.
mysterious 14 69: ok but maybe we have different machines in our napa maybe we have some smarter people working at this one
Allmtrgsr: either way.. chips and all, the head pressure checked ok before i sent it to you..
Allmtrgsr: i wouldnt send out an unuseable head
mysterious 14 69: ok tell me this you said that the head has been on your car for a year. then why is there red brake in lube all over the cams and stuff. why is there blue sil stuff around the valves
Allmtrgsr: i just had all new valves put in and new cams put in.. i told you it was rebuilt..
Allmtrgsr: and i had it pressure checked..
Allmtrgsr: standard procedure at a cylinder head shop..
mysterious 14 69: same one they do at Napa
Allmtrgsr: i beleive hell will freeze over before napa does cylinder heads..
mysterious 14 69: do u want the number to call and ask them
Allmtrgsr: no need to further explain my discrepencies with napa..
mysterious 14 69: So there is no use doing this i got screwed and your never going to help me out.
Allmtrgsr: my offer still stands.. im going to eat..

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Why would you just go and disassemble the head without settling something first? Thats silly. I say get someone who KNOWS what they are doing to put it back together and then get it tested at a REAL shop. Not a small town NAPA where the big sale of the day is 2 cans of john deere green spray paint.

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CRAPA sucks ass, big or small town. Why doesn't he travel outside his "small town" to find a cyclinder head shop? Yellowpages or the internet to find one. Sounds like he is a very ignorant person.

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wow, sounds like nismo_sr20det is trying to make a quick $350 bucks. the head was tested by a real shop and sent to you in working condition, i don't quite understand what you are debating here.

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nismo_sr20det ... you are a jackass. i believe you are just out to try and get some money back. you should be on the seller/buyer blacklist for trying to scam and then trying to threaten to leave negative feedback. But apparently your stupid ass never though he would keep the aim conversation which makes YOU look like a fool. I can't stand people like you. I hope you get hit by a bus.. That is all :)

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From what i see t03t04sentra is being a very nice about the whole thing trying to help him out. IF i was dealing with this kid i will tell him to **** off.The way he talk, i think there is nothing wrong with the head. He just want you to feel bad for him so you could sent him some money back.

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Well, I'm stupid.

I tried to buy a set of stock SR20DE injectors from nismo_sr20det

6 days after he received my paypal, he shipped 'em. When I got 'em, the rail was bent and dented, and one of the injectors' harness connectors was busted off. Another one has damage but might be useable.

His response so far:
"well i dont know what to tell you they were all in working order when they were taken off my motor so you can do what ever you want. my motor ran fine with those injectors. sorry i dont know what happen but im sorry dont have anymore injectors to send i send you all of mine in working order. thanks"


I'm not optimistic.

I am so glad I didn't buy any of the other stuff he had for sale.

Don't be like me, people! Check out sellers here first!

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Wow, that is ridiculous! LOL, good thinking on keeping the AIM convo...

pwNED! :D

OT: INX2C, if you still need stock injectors I have a set in rail you can have...shoot me a PM if you need them.

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