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I've decided to turbo my 91 se-r, but I'm not sure if I should go with a T25 or T28. My main goal is efficency and reliability.

So, cost not being a facor, would I be better getting a T25 and running it around 10 psi or get a T28 and running it at no more than 10psi.

Does the T25 spool up a lot quicker? Would I have to upgrade anything another than a Cobra MAF and 370cc injectors to run the T28?

El Chingon
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It all depends on your power goals. If you just want a really quick street car with good low end boost (which I'm assuming you do because of the small turbos you want to use), I'd just stick with the T25 for a couple of reasons. 1) These are very easy to come across. You can always find these for sale either here or on the classifieds. 2) This is a very good turbo for 10 psi. It spools up quick and give lots of low end power. and 3) It will make a good match with some 370s and stock MAF; pretty much the BB turbo setup. If you want good low end power (200 whp pretty easily), reliability, and low cost, go for this. If you want big boost and big power, start up another thread

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