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TB and cold idle problem

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I was trying to adjust my cold start idle and the stinkin' lock nut fell off and is lost, and now the allen wrench-adjusted bolt won't even turn and I think I might have stripped the threads. What do I do? The bitch of it is, the cold idle is now at like 4K, (I adjusted it the wrong way before starting the engine). If I can't get the bolt to turn, am I going to have to get another TB if I ever want the cold start idle to be normal? If so, what TB will fit? Or will I just have to take it apart and see if I can get it back to normal on the inside? Any help would be appreciated.
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ok wyatt you can get a nut for that at a true hardware store possibly even a parts store or home depot. try backing the adjustment screw all the way out and examine the threads and make sure they are okay. chances are you didnt mess them up. if you did you can always go to the same hardware store and get another screw it doesnt have to be allen head just make sure its the same thread pitch, diameter and length. its a small problem dont worry too much. worst comes to worse you could take off the TB and tap new threads into that hole. better yet alot of VE guys on the forum used their DE TB.s for their swap. worst comes to sure someone has another one they may sell you.

on the upside of things i should have your maxima MAF this wek and ill ship it off to you, dont worry about the shipping. and your package with the trans bracket and wiper motor switch and papers for the engine has already been shipped so you should be seeing it anyday now, good luck with everything.
You'll need a low port TB if you get another one.
i meant for him to get another VE one. he is using the VE one not a DE one.
Either one will work.
Hey Aaron, you still have my DE TB, right? Or did you give that to me along with the old intake, etc? If not, set that thing aside for me just in case I can't make it work without it. Thanks.
yes i still have the throttle body. ill set it aside.
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