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This thing is SOLD!!!

What I have here is a used techtom mdm-100 that is in good condition. I've had it for almost 3 years now and its time to sell it since my se-r is going back to stock. Below are pics of it from my camera phone (will update with better ones) I'm asking $200 OBO shipped for it, my email is [email protected]. The specs are below.

Techtom MDM-100N:
Long recognized as the most advanced monitor for Nissans, the MDM-100 allows you to watch two different parameters/sensors at the same time, and in real time.
Here's a pic:

Parameters the MDM-100N monitors include:
-Speed (mph or km/h)
-MAF voltage
-Injector Duty Cycle in ms
-Ignition timing (at the ecu, not base)
-A/F adjustment ratio
-Water temperature
-Intake temp. for cars with that sensor
-Battery voltage
-Oxygen sensor voltage(s)
-Idle switch on/off
-Neutral switch on/off
-Power steering switch on/off
-AC switch on/off
-AAC-idle speed control

About as wide as a single DIN stereo panel, but only 2" thick. Plugs in via the Consult port, and install time is about 30 seconds. Applications: 1990+ 300ZX, 1990+ 240SX, 1991+ Sentra, 1995-96 Maxima.


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pm fatonsr20 i think he was looking for one that someone stole from his car
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