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tein basic or kyb/hyperco ??

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what are your opinions on the tein basic coilover? does it come with upper mounts?

how do you think the tein basic will compare to the kyb/hyperco setup? what would be some of the pros and cons of each.

the tein basic is going for $830-$880 on ebay.

they kyb agx shocks are $395-$420 on ebay. they hypercos are $269 + shipping
approximately $669 + shipping on springs + any new upper strut mounts that might be needed.

so...what do you guys think.

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StYLez Se-R said:
is the agx/gc an option?

i kinda left out the kyb agx/gc option because it requires a tiny bit more effort, modification, and money to install. not that it is an overly hard thing to do, just that it requires a bit more time than the other two options. i was trying to create the most simple to install yet still competitive suspension upgrade for the street and for my own car. the biggest bang for the buck without any hassle involved i guess.

tein basic coilover
$830-$880 approximately

$669 + shipping on springs + any new upper mounts
$800-$900 approximately

$400 shocks + $400 springs + new front & rear motivational mounts
$1000 approximately

i think the kyb/gc suspension upgrade would be more in the class with the JIC and TEIN SS :D .

thanx again,
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why do people love the noisy GC's?

anyhow... the basics do not come with the mounts. Only thing better about the kyb/hyper setup is the adjustability. the basics dont have it.

i have the tein SS's and i say... save up and get them. they are fuking great!
I had the sprint set-up on my 95. Had them shrunk, low as hell and you could definitely feel the road. Won't do THAT again..
I have the Tein Basic on my car. As said they dont come wtih the pillowball mounts. I think i paid $80 extra for them. So far after about 8 months they are great. Got mine for $760 shipped in a group deal on NF. I didnt need the adjustability so thats why i didnt so the SS. The extra travel gained is also good. At nearly 2.5-3" lower i've bottomed only once, that was on a speedbump.

I'd never take a spring combo over a setup good name coilover.
Tein basic. I wish i would have gotten TEIN SS. Anyone wanna trade?
the SS's are great... i would have got the basics when i got my SS but they didnt make them yet. But Tein is good ****.
the ss sure are great i have them too, i know the pic in my sig is kinda dark but i still have about another inch to go down
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