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Yeah most of Tein's coilovers... scratch that, most of any JDM coilovers w/ adjustable damping usually adjusts both rebound and compression together.

Only the high end stuff from Tein and some other coilover companies (the new K-Sport/D2 stuff come to mind, alongside with the Stance GR3s) offer seperate compression/rebound adjustments.

The Stance GR3s allow for low speed and high speed adjustments for the rebound, seperately :D So pimp!!

Oh yeah, usually these types of coilovers that allow for seperate adjustments have a remote reservoir for extra oil (or is it gas inside?).

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I know they advertise it as compression / rebound together, but I also know that a number of single-adjustable aftermarket dampers only adjust damping on the rebound side (i.e.: AGX's and Koni Yellows for some cars) as opposed to compression and rebound. While personally, I don't see a serious problem with it either way, I would like to find out since I can't really afford to go buy the stuff first, dyno it after, then work out setup.

Thanks for the help, guys. Sorry about the oddball request.
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