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Guys, after about 4-5 posts on this topic I would like to thank you guys for helping my try to diagnose my cluch problem.

My most recent effort in this battle was to replace the cluch cable and add some spacers in. The clutch felt good for about a week and again, went kaput. (started getting harder tp press the pedal)

My friend Damian decided we needed to pull the tranny off and see exactly what was wrong. Could it have been a bad P/P? T.O. bearing?

The final diagnosis is this:

We had the tranny down in about 2hrs and 20min. PP is fine. Disc is fine. Lever not stretched or hairline cracks. T.O. bearing was in place and had not fallen out the clips. What was wrong? NO FREAKING GREASE!

The monkey that installed the clutch did not grease the shaft the T.O. bearing sits on. What happened is the grease they used must have been the wrong kind. There was some traces of grey stuff but it flaked up to the touch and was hardly "greasy". The T.O. bearing hole had become slightly oval shaped after further inspection. The shaft was very scared up. When we pulled the lever(which was very difficult to do by hand) you could see the T.O. bearing trying to slide and getting caught on the shaft. I assume that after tranny would heat up, the bearing would become increasingly difficult to move. This would cause the clutch cable to stretch and finally i would need spacers or be looking for some way to rig cable so that I could put the car in gear. This was masking the problem.

Anyway, it was an easy fix. We used some emory cloth to smooth out the shaft. We used a new T.O. bearing and applied grease on the shaft liberally. Reinstalled and......the clutch was softer than it has ever been upon installation. Wow.

I do sincerely apologize for the extremely long post. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way! You guys kick ass man. I hope this helps someone else.

98 200SX SE-R, CAI, Greedy Exhaust, JWT Motor Mounts, Pullies, Nismo fuel press.reg, JWT C1 cams and JWT gears, Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers, ACT HD/PP, Clutchmasters Flywheel, JWT Computer,Bored Airflow Meter.
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