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Luxury vans, or as they are also called limousine vans, are specialized, luxurious vehicles that are driven by professional chauffeurs who can provide door-to-door transportation. These vehicles are ideal for large groups who need to travel together. For a better experience, you should consider some of the best luxury van cars in the Philippines.
Hyundai Starex (2310000 P)
The Starex is another range of Hyundai vehicles that is equally appealing. The Starex 2022 generation is far more luxurious than the previous generation. Its size is also fairly impressive, so travelers will have plenty of room for the occupants and the baggage area.
The gasoline engines of the Hyundai Starex are 2.4 MPI and 2.5 TCI with a cylinder capacity of 2359cc and a maximum capability of 172 horsepower. You will feel the comfort and safety for both the driver and passengers when operating on this automobile, with an incredibly compact driving experience.
Furthermore, great fuel efficiency is a strength of this automobile that is well regarded.

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Honda Odyssey (2298000 - 2698000 P)
Honda Odyssey 2022 will be displayed at the New York Motor Show in April. Its design hasn't altered much from its predecessor, but it still employs a chassis with a total dimension of 4830 x 1820 x 1695 mm.
According to Honda's teaser picture, the cockpit of the Odyssey 2022 will no longer include a mechanical gear lever. Instead, like the current generation Honda Accord or Pilot, electronic buttons will give the vehicle a more contemporary appearance. All seats are coated in sumptuous, silky leather, are electrically adjustable, and have memory placement.
Powering the Honda Odyssey 2022 is a 3.5L V6 i-VTEC engine block with a maximum capacity of 280 horsepower and maximum torque of 355 Nm. All power is transmitted to the front-wheel drive system through Honda's first 10-speed automatic transmission.
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Final thoughts
Whether you are looking for a van for business or personal use, we hope that you can find a van that satisfies your needs and exceeds your expectations.If you are looking for a best vehicles for yourself, don't hesitate to visit our website for more reference: Find All Brand New & Used Cars for Sale in Philippines
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