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the blue sentra is finally running!!!!!!!!

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i got my swap done friday night, ready to race besides what i think is the axle is pissing me off. I already posted a message in the General forum just to get more opinions on what could be wrong, but im guessing its the axle, because the boot is totally ripped all the way around it. it makes a like grinding sound i guess when u get on it, or turn to the right. do i need to replace the whole axle or just the boot? my brother said its the cv joints, anyone have any ideas?
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Axle it sounds like. The cv joints are shot and it is not worth it to change just the bearings inside the boot. I would get a new axle and slap it in. Call it a day! See ya on friday!
Congrats doooood. No more white chevy for you. I can't wait to run against you. :D
i had the same noise, it was the bearings.
Jack up the car and check each wheel for play by grabbing the sides of the tire and shaking back and forth. If you feel play its most likely a wheel bearing.
so could that be making a noise when i accel?
sr20sentra91 said:
so could that be making a noise when i accel?

It could be. Didnt you just have chatter when going into gear/while the clutch engages? If so, that is prob normal, as you do have a6 puck clutch, its kinda noisy.
i have more details and pictures in this thread
Like Marsr20 said, replacing the whole axle (if that's what it is) is the way to go.
your brothers car loooks alot familiar lol
SR20RACER i really like ur se-r, do u have any more pics? looks very clean!!! nice color too ;)
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