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The Electrical Saga Part II

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well I couldnt be much more pissed off at my car. If you guys recall from my previous post, my car stalled out at traffic lights, and than eventually stopped working all together. wouldnt start, nothing. I read tons of other posts, searched high and low, and all i could ever come up with is "its your maf" well its not my maf. checking my battery voltage revealed i didnt have 14 volts while the car was running. i didnt even have 13. i had 12.1.

no problem i thought, bad alternator. happens all the time and that would explain why i stalled out. battery voltage on deceleration went below 12 volts, and without 12 volts the ECU crapped out. if i tried to start it immediatly, it couldnt due to low voltage. than if i let it sit for like a half an hour, the battery naturally would build up enough voltage to crank over and start for a few minutes.

new alternator in, charged up my battery with a charger, started it up, and all was good. 14.1-13.8 volts all the time, regardless of engine speed,braking, etc.

next thing i know, i decelerate at a light, and my car shuts off. same god damn problem. check my battery voltage, ITS 11.9!!! my alternator provided almost nothing, or nothing, to my battery when i decelerated.

Heres the new development though. when i jumped my car to start it, i got a very wierd vibrating kinda sound from the fan area. its like the fans kicked on in a really strange way, if that makes any sense. my check engine light flickered as well, going on and off according to the wierd vibration of the fan sound.

So in closing, does anyone know what the hell is wrong with my car?
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ah a bunch of replys i see. well i put a new battery in the car, and now it starts and idles ok, but if i give it the gas it sputters and billows black smoke out my exhaust and is not eager to rev at all. than when i let off the throttle, it almost stalls *goes to like 200 rpm* than catches itself and idles ok. any ideas?
did you try running a wire directly from your alternator to your battery, or where ever else it needs to go....the wires inthe harness may be messed up...
sounds familiar....

I had a similar issue with my nx... ceck the harness that goes to the alt and especially check the ground on the alt itself... mine was in horrible shape and it was doing almost the same thing....

I would also advise on re-grounding the MAF, and check the main grounds (like the one right on the water outlet under the dist cap)

hope this helps...
i'll check that out today. also i dont think the connection to the alt is bad, its getting good voltage from the battery, ive checked it multiple times. ive alreaady re ground the maf sensor, but i'll double check it, along with the other ground. thanks

anyone else have any input?
well after testing the maf for the 4th time it check out good. i still wasnt convinced, so i just bought a new one for 100 bucks. put it on, car runs better than when i first got it. so in conclusion, if any of the following is happening:
-Stalling, than being unable to start back up
-extremely bad idle- 3000 rpm behavior
- check engine light flashing intermittently
- strange revving, followed by your fan engaging
- anything else that u cant figure out

its your MAF. classed dismissed.
It's strange how the MAF caused so many problems. I'm glad you have that figured out.
update: been a few days and the car still runs flawlessly. noticeable increase in gas milage, up from 24-27 around town.
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