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Midwest Best is pleased to announce our first gathering of the year. This meet will do something no one in Chicago that we know of has done before. We are inviting all of the major websites/forums/clubs/teams in the Chicago-land area and tri-state area in for a larger gathering/meet. The meet is being produced to further the strength of the community as a whole and bring together all types of cars and people that have a similar interest and have some fun.

The meet is slated in for Saturday May 5th from 8pm till midnight. For those of you that have been to our gathering before this one will be held in the same location in unincorperated Naperville. We have listed address, maps and directions below to help any attendees. As far as we are concerned the meet date will not change unless weather plays a major role. If we do have to postpone the date of the meet it will be moved to the very next Saturday which May 12th and will run at the same times.

For those of you that have attended our last meet you know that we have more then enough room to host at maximum of 400 cars. Yes, we said 400 cars. Let me explain how it works. Midwest Best has our old shop on the outskirts of Naperville, IL where this meet is being held. The shop was simply a large warehouse type of garage that we worked out of. Now this warehouse is used to store our project cars and sometimes used as a spill over for cars that we need space for. The warehouse is sitting on a 15 acre plot of land that is extremely well kept. The land IS NOT PAVED. I know this might turn some of you off but I assure you that the land is dry, flat and very durable. I have driven the MWB RX7 which is lowered through out the entire site and had zero problems clearing anywhere. We have run numerous meets in this location and NEVER had any type of problem. We apologize that we cannot get a large paved lot but we own this land and it gives us the power to control whats going on, keep security on-site, and keep police and other authorities from breaking up the meet.

As far as on-site goes we are encurage websites/forums/clubs/teams to bring out your tail gating gear. This means we will allow all types of BBQ's, Food and drinks to be brought out for your group. For those of you that have come to prior meets you know that the atmosphere that is present during the meets is extremely loose and a lot of fun. We will have a bonfire, music and lighting set up when you arrive. The two major bull pens for cars will be laid out on a overhead photo for you all to see prior to the meet. We suggest you either come as a team or send a few cars early to block off the area you would like your team or site to be at so you can all be close to each other. We will have a on-going list of cars confirmed for the meet updated everyday for all to see. Last time we ran event like this we had over 170 cars signed up.

We will allow:
1. Banners/Signs to promote your site/forum/team/club.
2. BBQ's and Food
3. Music and models (Models = fun for all hehe)
4. Lights of any kind
5. Give aways or promotions (shops, teams, clubs, websites and so on)

We will not allow:
1. No Alcohol. (I know I would like to sit back and have a few beers myself but cars and alcohol don't mix.)
2. No Racing. (We don't promote or condone street racing but what you do on the 4 lane road right outside of the meet is your business.)
3. No Fighting. (You fight you will be handled by the security that is on-site and removed from the event. In addition you will no longer be invited to any MWB organized event from there on out.)
4. No Morons. (Do not show up to our meet and do things like drive like a moron in and out of the meet. That means no burn-outs or anything of that sort.)
5. No Problems. (We are bringing all the sites/forums/teams/clubs together to bring the community closer not further the void that is already in place. Just get along with everyone else and be friendly. If you have a problem with someone else leave because we don't need it on-site.)

This announcement is being posted on numerous forums around the area. If you have a site you would like to be involved with the event please post it in this post and we will make sure that site is updated on whats going on.

The address of the meet will be released Thursday May 5th so that their aren't tons of cars going to the location prior to the meet. If for some reason you MUST have the address prior to that date please write one of the MWB members and they will hear your case.
This is copied and pasted from another forum.
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