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the nx is talkin mouse (ie sqeak sqeak)

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hello again,
the drivers rear wheel area is really sqeaky. the car was impacted while parked(rocker panels to the glass, glass intacted). um does any one know what will sqeak non stop, until stopped? the baffle plate has some dents, but i dont see anything touching. is it just sucky brakes, or something bad?

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my rear upper strut mount squeaks on one side--no damage, but it squeaks non stop---eeeee--ee-e-e-eee, even when just sitting there idleing, but more while driving. And it's not the mount itself--it's where the mount bolts to the body--there should be a gasket there, and they get old and then do not serve their purpose--you can check this by loosening the bolts, jacking up the car and spraying some lube/oil inbetween there. I used silicone spray--but it only worked for a day! doh!
heh heh, thanks your right. i gave it a few shots o grease and its gone for now.
mucho thanks
I just dropped my strut a bit today and put some light oil in there...squeak gone...for now.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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