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The SR20 Forum Blacklist

Due to the problem of bad sellers, this list has been created to help buyers. The names that appear on this list have a track record of bad transactions. Now, not every transaction that occurs with these people is necessarily a bad one. Honest people make mistakes, and the staff of the SR20 Forum will do their best to make sure those people do not end up on this list.

I'm listed and I shouldn't be! What do I do?

You're on this list because there have been complaints about you- either significant in number or the cost of item(s) involved. In order to be considered for removal, you need to PROVE that you've resolved your problems with the buyers. This burden of proof lies 100% on you, and you need to get the buyers that are complaining to contact SR20 Forum staff in order to determine whether you get removed or not.

Akbar Karmoeddien srpowa, blue se-r, madoutb13, builtRR, sergod, 2.2lvvlb13
b13 Se-r - Ripped off 8pinoy8 His name and other info are in the thread linked. Known Email addy: [email protected]
Boosted200sx aka Cuddy146 Sold a bum motor to Viprdude.
David Darby ([email protected], [email protected])
hybridtuner aka silvia302 - He goes by the Name Nic and uses [email protected] for email and 716.381.2790 as a contact number. Banned for being a Lazy seller (Months and months without parts being delivered)
HyperB13SE-R (Pepe Areepitak)
Jay Perry = Black Stallion,G-Unit91 (click for more info (shipping address, email and other info))
Jim Chaplin- aka 92whtse-r, insane92se-r (Justin's brother)
kenley_ser ([email protected], AIM: imboosting)
lifein10sec - Ray from Vero Beach Florida See here
mofoka - Ripped off stylin'se-r
moneypit - [email protected] click here for more info
neednewser (Spencer Seifert) of Vancouver, WA (click here for more info)
nmbwhitey - Ripped off multiple people.
NX2kRidah (Josh Vasquez)
oneclerk4u - Ripped off sr20-ser Known Email addy:[email protected]
Roll-Mod-L aka Dex aka CreativeCarz in Florida
S742DUS7 - Ripped off multiple users here and on See here And here
SR20_B13 -
truckman1966 (Andrew Southwick)
twotirefryerWA ([email protected], AIM: aztecb13ser)
WestVirginiaSER - Bad sale to nismo13GTiR - See here.
White98SE -

Vendors/eBay Sellers
AD Fabrication
Import Lab
JGY Customs, VA (hit or miss, buy at your own risk)
Powertech Imports, Canada (Jamie, u12bnextsentra)
SR20 Development. They are out of business.
SR20 Performance, AZ
Steve Hall aka Complete fraud. Read what happens to him here.
EClutchMasters (eBay) / (eBay)
Enduro Performance
Overkill Engineering (OEM)
The SR20 Forum is not responsible for the outcome of any transaction.
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