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The truth and all the answers, F*CK!

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ok took the car to nissan they hooked it up and drove it this is what they found:

~MAF ground needs to be re-run

~cylinder head temp sensor, dead

~auxillary air flow meter, dead

~knock sensor dead (even though it doesnt effect anything)

~IAC valve, Dead

~02 sensor dead

WOW, so the mechanics advise was buy a jdm de or det and not worry about putting anything new on that old engine.

im taking his advice. the next 2 months will be saved for the DET then bought :)

money for diagnostics well spent
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yes it does sound like a very good idea!!! if thats what they found then you can act accordingly....JDM all the way baby!!
None of those parts are expensive to replace, well except for the IAC, at least from the dealer.

IMO, you could spend under $200 and replace/clean/fix all those problems. The IAC... find someone who's parting out their car in the classifieds.

Unless, of course, you really want an excuse to go JDM det;)

Or switch to carburation and lose all that junk. ;)
im gonna fix the parts but not buy new ill just get old parts that still work lol. just so i can drive it. i just like using the excuse to get a jdm det :)
i just see problems in the future with this engine.

you know how bad it sux having your car cut off on you at every light. i hate that ****!

i just reground the MAF, didnt do to much to the idle.

tomorrow ill get a o2 sensor, do they really go for 60$? does anyone know if i can use one off another nissan?

IAC valve ill have to get from a parted out car.

and i need a temp sensor , damn i hate fixing cars lol
you know im excited about the DET but still rather pissed , i mean it just sunk in reaaaal hard i spent 1500$ on the damn car and it had no 5th gear and some rust with 153k on it. the clutch fork seizes so i put a new clutch in and get new barrings for the fork and get it all working along with a new 5th gear and 5th gear pop out fixed. =725$, bought a new battery and battery cables= 80$
rust converter=5$ jumper cables and emergency kit for car= 29$
spark plugs= 10$
now 91$ yes 91$ to test the car and tell me whats wrong with it. NISSAN just went up :(
and a bunch of other little ****.
and how could all the stinkin sensors and valves be dead i mean damn!
all of them WTF!. and why does a stupid o2 sensor cost over 10$ anyways.

man this car pisses me off. i want to kick it but then i would be devalueing it more than its 300$ nissan trade in value.

cant sell it, i would lose way to much. so im stuck with the stupid car.
maybe ill love it again after it stops being gay!
keep in mind i think you will be giving yourself a handful of new problems if you go turbo... you absolutely dont have to do any kind of engine swap to correct those things... thats like saying i need a new air filter so instead of getting a new one... i'll get a jdm. I'm just trying to remind you that the engine swap is absolutely not needed and that you might save yourself some trouble and definately some cash.
Hey man, If you are having that many problems, maybe I can help you out. I might have some of the parts you need lying around. PM me or something and I'll try to help you out.
true but id like to fix the engine with new parts, but that cost alot an IAC valve alone cost 200$.

now im not going to pay that much so i will go for used parts, although i need to look at a new engine in the near future the car has 153k on it and i would like to have something newer without worrying whats gonna break next.

thnks for the info
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