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Sorry for another swap question again everyone, but it is really needed. Want to make a sleeper and my 200sx seems to be my best choice, cause of the sr20 motor.

What are all the parts needed to put a sr20de into my SE?? Also does anyone know of any shops in the San Diego or LA area that do good engine swaps, and be able to give me the info to contact them.. it be a great help in all this..

thanks everyone...

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you are probably in one of the best places in the country to be to get this swap done. all you need is the motor, transmission, harness, ecu, axles, and a few other things and you will be on the road. a/c compressor is the same, a few of the motor mounts will line up x-member is the same, ect,ect,ect. it would be better and cheaper to sell yours and buy a se-r though.
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