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thinking of getting new rims

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actually, getting rid of my 17s and going with some 99 se-l rims (the blackish ones) and gaining some performance. it will drop off some weight, cheaper tires, better ride, and more of a sleeper look (kinda) what do you guys think?
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Dont know if that titainium would look good on the black actualy. Think Eric put a set on his black 200 and said it just didnt work. I would go back to the stock 200sx se-r rims. im really thinking about buying a set. Now i would get the se-l rims on mine since its red. I think those titanium rims look good on red
Yeah I tried a set of SE-L rims, but they didn't look right on a black car. That ws just my taste. They do look good on a red car though.
this might be too much to ask, but did you take a pic of it? show me please? I personally think black on black looks good, but I know that the titanium rims are not that dark. hell, I thought about putting some se37ks on my car and those are copper colored.
I have a fraind that put the SE-L rims on his red classic and it looks real nice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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