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I wasnt sure if I should put this in the For sale section or the VE section... but anyways.

I need some opinions, I was thinking of selling my car, someone offered me $11,000.
If anyone wants to give me a better offer, let me know.
BTW: 5 speed, 120K on chassis

Heres my specs...
KYB AGX's with Ground control coilovers
Rear strut bar.

SR20VE, with MSD VVL setup
stock DE ECU
20V exhaust manifold
HKS sport catback
Clutchmasters Clutch (forget the model)
HKS warm air intake

Other stuff:
projector headlights
custom grille
Clarion in-dash TV
DVD/MP3/VCD player with TV tuner
indiglo gauges
5% tint all around

Thats about all I can think of, let me know what you guys think

Heres more pics:

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omg you have to hostly think about that, 11,000 dollor offer on a 200sx, even with the sr20ve, sell that thing, thats a **** load of money for that car. sell it and take the money and buy another one for 2-4grand and do it all over againe if you will miss it and then save the 2-4grand you will have left over, get them changed to singles and roll around in them in your bed and be a happy man

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sell sell selll for that $$$ buy a b13 and put another VE in it and mod the crap out of it. and still pay off your credit card bills. then buy me something. and still have leftovers.

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with the comments above you know what to do

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El_Presidente said:
The only thing is that I still owe almost $8,000 on it,
($5,000 on the car $2,600 for a loan on the engine)

For all those that thought I was crazy for every thinking of getting a loan...HAHAHA. At least I just thought about it...

You really need to sell that bad boy. You'll probably never get offered that much for it again...

And if I'm not mistaken...when you pay loans off early, you save money. So...ya need to do it. Nice car by the way, if I was crazy...I'd buy it for 11,000. 8,000. But I'd lowball you at 6500 just to see how low you could go :D


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$11000???!!!??? :eek:

And why haven't you accepted the offer yet???
I do agree that you might not see another offer this high again though.

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92nx2k said:
sell sell selll for that $$$ buy a b13 and put another VE in it and mod the crap out of it. and still pay off your credit card bills. then buy me something. and still have leftovers.
BIG F'N DITTO! 11000 - 7600= 3400. You'll have $3400 left over... you can get a B13 shell for about $800, a VE for $1800, and that leaves you another $800 for a clutch and intake. Then you'll have a paid-off car that's nearly as potent as what you had before, and you can complete it with an exhaust (500), fuji header (600), JWT ECU (500) alum. flywheel (300) and such later.

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Wow, I can't believe it's that easy for you guys to just get rid of your car. Isn't there any history, good times, late nights together, that you had with your car? Your car looks good and looks like a lot of work went into it. If it's time for you two to part, then be it. Me and my car will be together forever. Now that's love. Happy Valentines Day. ;)

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Dude where did you get the 20v manifold? how much was it?

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I know for me its hard to put a price tag on my car...itd be like selling a wife...but for 11g's.... ;)

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Crap, I'd sell mine for half that. Or less.
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