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Timign questiosn: WTF is stabbing?

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my freind insist my car is "stabbed" incorrectly which is throwing my timing off. Now, i am not familiar with this term and i tried explaning to him hwo our timign is set, etc. Can anyone please give me a good definition of what stabbing means? HE says the whole deal with "unplug tps, rev to 3k, blah blah" (the procedure on how to advance/retard timing) is irrelanent cuz thats only if the timing is stabbed correctly. WTF does this mean?

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I believe he's referring to installing the distributor right. He must be a V-8 guy.
Hmm, well as an 11+ Year Tech. I have never heard that term used .... Possably he is saying the distribitor isnt in correctly, but that isnt possable on the SR20 .... If the distribitor is wrong , that means your cam timing is wrong ...
Thats what i figured, cuz i know my cam timing is correct, and the dist will only go in one way, i made sure by rotating the rotor 180 to see if its possible to install 180 off, and it wouldn't
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