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I plan on changing mine this weekend cuz the ine on there has the indicator broken and i can't set my timing correctly. is it hard to change or is it like a valve cover, a few bolts and it pops off.

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Hoping someone knows how to separate the silicone seal on the timing cover / block. I have removed all the 10mm bolts, but the silicone liquid gasket in place is just really strong. WHERE SHOULD I BEGIN TO INSERT A FLAT TOOL LIEK A PAINT SCAPER SO AS NOT TO DAMAGE THE MATING SURFACES, TIMING COVER/BLOCK ??

I just read a thread about an Oil Leak and a few others dealing with the front cover. I read one with the title "Front Cover Removal", and the folks on it describe the steps leading up to removing the front cover and go on about how it would be best to drop the engine and such, but they never say how to break the rtv silicone seal that actually seals the front cover from oil leaks, the whole reason this fellow decided to go about trying to remove the front cover.
Do you happen to know the best way to separate the front cover from the oil pan and block?
I mean specifically where to insert a flat spatula or tool to break the silicone seal without marring the mating surfaces involved.
I don't see any sort of lip or leverage point on which to pry.

Thanks a lot !
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