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Well I just tried resetting my timing on my 96, and something was wrong. Let me explain this as best as I can. I went through the proper procedure on preparing the car on setting the timing. As noted on, and my Chiltons manual. Well first off my car idles fine when the tps is connected but as soon as I disconnect it the idle goes up to approx 1400 rpms. NOw I remember when I set my timing waaay back the idle dropped when this was done. Well I thought nothing of it and continued the process. Well here's the part that lost me. At that rpm my timing was reading I'm guessing about 25-30 degrees. Now this can't be right so I started backing the timing down well then the rpms drop and I'm all of a sudden at 5-10 degrees. Now I threw an engine code a while back for my O2 sensor and have since reset the ECU. I think the problem was I didn't reground my CAT when I was doing my header install. Could this be the problem? I'm just really worried about my erratic timing because I want to be able to safely set it for running NOS. Other then this little quirk my car runs great, at least to me it does. Can someone shed some advice please. thanks

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Ewwwww... fun one. My blokes have your year of car and we tried the same thing. I think the OBD2 goes crazy at a point during the timing advance. I have OBD1 and I have the same problem. We had a shop try it and no luck. I have been advancing my timing (93 NX) with a timing gun and it reads as advanced without going through the whole "unplug this and rev that" stated in the shop manual. Get your timing light out and just try using that as you adjust. See what happens. My MDM-100 says a whole differant story. I read that you must "warm up car, unplug TPS, rev engine past 3000 RPM 3 times, then adjust timing". Don't know in who's world that works. I'll call my friend at Nissan soon to see what he does. Boy I miss the old days of just "turn this, your done".
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