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Tires/Dynmat/noise questions

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I won't ask these questions on the SE-R mailing list because those guys are of bunch of gearhead geniuses like Kojima, Rob Cadle, Jay etc. and I can barely find the dipstick on my G20. And, I'm not racing, just a street driver who loves his 95 G20 automatic (sigh, I will be advancing the timing to 17 degrees next tune up and having a PR CAI installed later this year, so don't dog me too much). Anyway, here are my questions, I guess both involving reducing the interior noise level of my car:
1) tire recommendation. Want a quiet tire that does not give up too much in the way of handling. Size 195/64/14. Right now I'm settling on the BF Goodrich Touring TA HR4, because a) heard the Pirellis tend to go round early, b) heard the tread life of the Dunlop D60A2s wasn't that good, c) did not hear much good about the Yoko Avid H4s from any of the local dealers, and d) can't afford the Michelin MXV4s. Suggestions anyone out there? Personal experiences?

2) Will it *really* help to reduce noise levels by installing Dynamat (or something comparable) all over the place? I had a little bit of Dynmat installed in the trunk when I upgraded the stereo, but if I had a lot of money to burn I suppose I could install it a) all over the trunk, line it completely), b) in the rear deck (is that what it's called? The area where the rear speakers are? I told you I'm ignorant) and/or c) in the doors? Opinions anyone? I realize Dynamat won't do a thing about wind noise, which seems prevalent in this car.

Thanks for any and all advice!
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hey man, the dynamat will help a little bit, but it will make your car seem more solid if you put it in other places. you will notice the most diffrence if you put it in your doors though, after the install your door will sound more of a thud more than a clang. brian
I can't help you with your tire dilema, however I can answer your questions on Dynamat.
Dynamat will make the car quieter, but it isn't cheap, nor is it light. On the other hand you don't have to cover the entire interior of your car with Dynomat to get noticable results.

Thomas Fox
93 NX2000, etc etc
A cheaper, lighterweight alternative to dynamat is rubberized undercoating. But you'll have to let it dry cuz you dont to be breathing the fumes in. It took about two days for mine to dry, with a faint scent for another week. And it does quiet down some road noise, especially when it is wet out.
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