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<Note: I got this and wanted to pass it along. If you think it not appropriate, too bad.

Another perspective:

This is a letter written to all Americans from a Marine Corps pilot. It is
in response to that Canadian newspaper article that is flying around
everyone's e-mail praising the U.S. This is his opinion but many in the
military community can't help but agree with it. Read and pass on to anyone
that you think didn't believe in the military before 11 September. Remember
John Glenn's famous quote when he was asked what it felt like sitting atop
the rocket, ready to launch? "I felt about as good as anybody would, sitting
in a capsule on top of a rocket that were both built by the lowest bidder."
(Senator John Glenn, Colonel USMC, Retired)

Dear Americans:

When I opened my e-mail this morning, I had about 20 forwards of the article
written by Gordon Sinclair, the Canadian who so eloquently praised the
United States. What most of you do not realize is that this commentary was
written many years ago. Those of us in the military service have known about
it for a long time. Now Americans are flooding the net with it as if it were
new. It is not. When it was written, most Americans didn't read it because
most Americans did not care.

The tragedy that befell all of us on September 11th shocked America.
America no longer feels safe. Many of you have said, "The government should
have known! Thirty billion dollars is spent on intelligence! What about
the military?!?"

Just a reminder America: you voted our government into office. For years,you
allowed some dishonest politicians and twisted television media
personalities to shape your ideas about the defense of our nation. Why?
Because most Americans were too lazy to look beyond the three-minute sound
bites on the evening news. Here's a news flash not being broadcast much:

"On September 11th, America had the exact level of protection, both
militarily and intelligence, that it was willing to pay for." Only
yesterday, the Congress and the Senate approved 40 BILLION dollars as a
"down payment" to fight this war. A short time ago, our politicians said a
100 million dollar increase for the Navy budget was substantial. In that
same bill, they ordered the Navy to conduct an 85 million dollar study on
... missile defense? (No) Desperately needed parts for our fighter aircraft?
(wrong again) Training for Navy SEALs? (Nah)

They wanted breast cancer research. Yes, America, your elected officials
decided that the U.S. Navy needed more mammograms and less missiles. Was
this an under-the-table sneaky move? No, it was right out in the open. The
Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy both opposed it. A New
York Senatorial candidate (yes, she's the one) was enraged that the military
would be so sexist and irresponsible to the needs of civilians and wanted
the Navy to give the money back immediately! But the media paid it little
mind. So America paid little attention.

Did anyone ever watch CSPAN? Particularly when the heads of our armed
services essentially begged OUR representatives to give the military more
money to fight terrorism and maintain a strong defense? Did you see
the debates by the heads of the intelligence services that terrorism was the
new threat? They told the committees of Congress that the CIA, the FBI, and
the military did not have the money to build the necessary intelligence
networks in the areas where terrorists were being harbored. They warned
again and
again that there was clear and present danger within America's borders.

America must have been watching one of the other 114 satellite channels.

The military said: "We need more money to maintain military readiness and
combat training." America answered: "What the military needs is sensitivity
training! You're all sexist homophobes! I saw it on 60

The military said: "We need money to build ships, planes, and tanks and to
improve our technology. America still has credible threats throughout the
world. Terrorism will come to America's doorstep." America answered:
"You're all part of a vast right-wing conspiracy. There is no more Soviet
threat! My Senator told me so! He/she says we do not need such a big
military! You're dinosaurs trying to hold onto the Cold War! We need social

The military said: "We need to recruit more Americans into the military. We
need to increase our force." America answered: "You're not taking my kids!
We're going to shut down the ROTC programs at our high schools and
universities because you discriminate against alternative lifestyles! ROTC
teaches children (under 21) how to shoot guns! You just want another
Columbine! Rosie and Oprah say so!"

The military said: "We can't keep interfering in the civil wars of
small,insignificant countries. It wastes our time, expends our resources,
decreases training, and demoralizes our troops. The men and women of the
United States are warriors trying to defend OUR nation; we are not the Third
World's police force." America answered: "You heartless bastards! Can't you
see the tear in the eye of that starving child?! There are flies on her
face, for Christ's sake! Get moving! Jesse Jackson on CNN said that is what
we pay you for!"

The military asked: "Why isn't America enraged over the terrorist attack on
the USS Cole that killed 17 AMERICAN sailors? How about the Air Force
barracks bombed in Saudi Arabia? the embassy staffs in Africa? the soldiers
mutilated and dragged through the streets in Somalia?" America answered: "We
don't have time right now! We're busy defending animal rights!

Our schools are handing out automatic weapons! The federal government is
discriminating against cross-dressing Bolivian hermaphrodites! The police
are all members of the Ku Klux Klan! The lack of ozone is ruining my tan!
If they cut deeper into food stamps, those poor women will have to move down
to Size 18/20 Chanel dresses! AND THE WORST! Corporations are raising the
prices of their products sooo high that I might not be able to afford the
multi-disc DVD player for my 36" digital-ready TV! Besides, YOU GUYS ARE

So - while you sit on your couch or around your office coffee pots and
ask,"Why did those terrorists kill innocent civilians? Why didn't they go
after the military?" - remember this, America: They already had gone after
the military - but America didn't care. These terrorists realized that they
needed to kill American civilians - and lots of them - before they could
have their desired reaction from the people of this country. Well, now they
have it.

Semper Fidelis

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He hit it right on the head, I see that every day I go to work. The lack of peoples caring for whats really going on in society around the world. Their is no need for me to say anymore.

Mike Collins
United States Navy

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esAll I can say is WOW! I have been in the US Coast Guard three year now. We need to focus on our military big time. Sometimes I feel people don't appreciate it. This guy is totally right!

Robert Ocasio
92 Classic SE-R
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American, A pilot on the United States Marine Corps

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Séb_-Nx:
This guy is Canadian or American?



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I get more **** from people when wearing the uniform and somehow I have to remember
" these are the people we're trained to protect."


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OK, I agree with the fact that most people in the US do not give a rat's ass. Now you hear all the government officals saying they saw it coming and all the civilians are stunned. This is just about the shittiest thing to happen in my lifetime but I can't say I'm surprised. I was banking on a nuclear detonation right in the middle of New York.

However, I do not really agree with his complaints about military spending, staff problems etc.
DO I feel we should have been spending money on anti-terrorism a long time ago. YES! A **** load. Instead we stuck with what worked in the past, like we always have. We have been preparing for another world war II since it has been over. Before that we were preparing for another Wrold War I. In the beginning of World War II we were practicing with trucks that said tank on them because we hardly had any of them. They were deemed not nearly as effective as ground troops.
Now we bitch we don't have enough money in defence. I think if we would have spent the money we already have in defence on terrorism this **** might not have happened. Instead we have a **** load of tanks, planes and troops just sitting around in disgust. And people are worried about a draft!!! We have the military brut to kick the hell out of any country on the planet, including China, and the whole world knows it. So who the hell is going to play a game they know they are going to lose. No one, unless you change how the game is played. Who the hell is going to play one on one with Michael Jordan in basketball and expect to win. Change the game to baseball and you got a much better shot of fairing well. (Sorry Mr. Jordan) So now we are starting to remember that the rules can be changed and we don't like it.

Work Smarter NOT Harder!
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