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Does anyone know the tork value for fastening the stock STB brackets to the shock tower (the three nuts)...and also the value for the nut/bolt that hooks up the bar w/the brackets...I took them off today and painted them red (I was not broken in I couldn't do any mods to it yet...and there's still snow out...)when I put the bracket back on...I started out with 25 ft/lb of torque then went up to 40 and my wrench didn't click, it just kept going and going, I am afraid that I did something wrong and stupid to the tower so please enlighten me to make me feel better...

Also, is there any special consideration or setup involved when I install a STB?...cuz when I put it back on today...the car didnt feel as solid as it was...maybe I am just shitting w/myself...(I also read from somewhere that you should weight your front end down when you bolt down an STB, has anyone heard of anything of that sort?)


2001 Sentra SE, the first with QM1 colour in Toronto
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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