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Towing to get my vehicle up the driveway.. NX and Frontier involved...

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And it was the NX towing the Frontier up!!!!!!!

We've had snow/ice for a while and I'm going out of town for the day. Roads are clear now and I needed the truck up the driveway for the wife... I cleared most of the driveway and sanded it but still could only get half way up (my stinkin 4wd is busted on the truck)...

Anyways - the NX towed the truck up the driveway! woooo hoooo

I guess the NX paid the truck back for hauling to from NC to KY hehehe...

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lol My egg towed a friends RB240 up his steep driveway, I was suprised it made it!
My friend towed a Mavric Grabber about 10 feet with a gixxer. His clutch no longer works. It was a funny sight though.
HAHA, much props to you and your egg. Funniest thing ive seen was a civic HB towing a boat, just seemed weird to me.
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