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Ok, so I removed the TPS sensor from my throttle body so I could powdercoat it. Now I'm trying to assemble it again, and ran into some quirks that I should've thought about.

I mounted the TPS back to the throttle body, and tested out the throttle plate mechanism. I noticed, that with the throttle plate fully open, that I could still push the little "lever" on the tps sensor further back. Does this mean that my TPS will not see WOT?

I saw that you can adjust how the TPS sensor sits on the throttle body. So I adjusted it to where the throttle plate would push the TPS lever further, but it still doesn't extend the full "throw" of the lever.

What do I need to do (keep in mind the car isn't running as of the moment) to make sure the TPS is adjusted properly before I reinstall everything?

This is on a '01 B15 SE with a U13 DET. DET harness, DET TPS, DET ECU.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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