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ok guys. i have the VE TB that has the 2 connectors...we use only the top one. i think because this TB came from an automcatic. anyway, the b13 DE tps looks nothing like it and cannot be swapped onto this TB. is there another tps from another nissan in the states that i can get a tps from that will fit up? thanks.
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why do u want to swap them?
use the top plug ,your b-13 tps pulg will work. or a tps from a 98 altima also works
If I remember correctly, I just swapped over the entire DE throttle body.
b13 tps only has one plug. does not look the same at all. b13 tps is definitely not the same as the VE tps. the tps has a bad spot in it. its basically a potentiometer and its losing volts at a certain point, making the car hesitate. yea i dont want the DE throttle body. the gas pedal actually feels smoother on the VE TB plus it has the cold idle adjust on it.
maddjack i know i need to use the top plug ive had me VE in for 6 months. the current tps is bad i need to replace it. and my b13 one looks nothing like it. i see no possible way this can be swapped.
i did not get a tps with my ve so i used one from a 98 altima
I accidently got a single plug TPS when I ordered one. I tried it anyway. It worked just fine.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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