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Track times for my Turbo SE!

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Hey everyone!! Just wanted to give everyone that helped me with the car a big THANKS! We took the car out to Speedworld last night and I am VERY HAPPY with the results. For those who don't know, the car is a '98 Sentra SE with the F-Max Stage II with the smaller .63 A/R turbo. We left everything intact (including the 3" crush bent exhaust), bolted up some 22 X 8 X 13 slicks, set the boost at 15 psi, and went at it. Now, I wasn't the driver (I suck
) because I wanted to see what the car could do with a competent driver since it was the cars first time to the track ever. I had an excellent driver: Tony Quintanilla (sr20denos, from here) from HTA Motorsports. Props to him, he did an EXCELLENT job!!!!! Well, our best time of the night was a 12.82 @ 108.32 with a 1.833 60 ft.! I was stoked!! I know that with a couple more runs, we could have gone faster. He was finally getting a really good feeling with the car when they closed the track on us. Maybe next time we'll drop the crappy exhaust and turn the boost up a bit to see how deep we can get into the 12s. Again, thanks to EVERYONE that helped set the car up! If I can get Brad's digi cam, I'll be posting some pics of the car over here pretty soon. Again, thanks everyone!!

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