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trade b13 for b13

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im looking to trade my 92 xe complete with everything for a b13 se-r w/o motor or w/ blown motor... my car is mechanically sound and runs strong. pm me with anything. thanx
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(just a suggestion.... you might want to consider selling your xe in another market locally... then take that money to purchase an se-r here on the forum. Finding someone who has owned an se-r that wanted to own a ga16de car is not common. Just trying to help.)
Ive got a 93 SER with 74,xxx miles thats at my parents house.. Ive got to put some pieces back on it to get it to start but I would be interested. I will take some pictures for you. The only "problem" i see is that im in Tyler Texas.
my car is located in northern california... that would create a problem. cool with me tho.
nj20de thanx for the advice but its not really needed. go bite somebody elses threads
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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