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Trade my jeep for se-r

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I have a 1988 Jeep Wrangler 4.2L in good condition, no mechanical problems. Its got a softtop and a bikini top 103k miles, 31" tires. The reason im getting rid of it is because I want a car, a se-r so I can beat my friends egg at the track! The jeep has no problems, Im just a car person. RSX-S -> JEEP -> SE-R? :D

pics upon request.

[email protected]
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damn it, too bad its not a cherokee
Uh, look 3 posts down, someone has a turbo NX he wants to trade for a jeep.
Yah i saw that. But when me and my friend talked to him he said he was looking for a TJ (97 or newer), plus i would really like a 93' Sentra. Thanx anyways bro.
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