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Hey, first time posting in a forum of any kind, but I need some help. I have a fully built SR20det in my 95 S14. We have it tuned to around 500hp at the moment and my tuner pulled the torque way back to keep my trans generally safe and said no launching it right now.

Here’s my predicament…I want to get closer to the 800hp mark, and the largest hurdle right now is the trans. I would rather keep a conventional manual transmission and not go to a full drag setup with a power glide or similar. I would also like to not have to spend a million dollars.

Some options I have seen/considered are trans swap to an E36 or E46 BMW 6 speed transmission. Also considered a set of forged close ratio gears but can’t find info on what they are rated to. Have heard a Z32 trans swap is about the best bang for your buck, but am not sure the efficacy of doing much more than 500hp on that.

Please let me know about any experience anybody here might have with high HP Sr20det drivetrains. Everything from expense to proper alignment to best options…anything will help at this point.
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