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so I'm not new to the sr20 game, but I am to the tuning part of it. I have a 94 xe I did a swap on back in the early 2000s. sold it to a friend, he turbo'd it and I bought it back last fall.....blown head gasket, fixed, now I need to tune. I have a Calum RT v1 and a laptop with TunerPro RT.
Question 1: is there anyone around Central Ky that has experience with tuning turbo sr20's?
Question 2: is there anyone willing to share their base tune? or can someone help me get a basic tune going?

my setup is:
UK sr20de 10:1
adj FPR
HKS blow off valve - non-recirculated
2 1/2" exhaust
gspec crank pulley
no a/c
currently running 6-7 psi on 93 octane - wastegate set (but I have a manual boost controller I can throw on there, just cautious with the 10:1 motor)

question 3: what kind of numbers can I expect to see from this setup? there is a place here that has a dyno, but they are VW guys.

thanks guys for any help!
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