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turbo 200sx

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I am going to buy a house soon and want sell the car for reals this time, The cars timing chain just went bad and I all ready ordered a JDM 9.5-1 motor to swap in. I will let the car go for $6500 if you want me to do the swap and get the car running great. IF you want to pick the car up with the messed up motor still in the car and the JDM motor uninstalled I would let it go for $6000. I found some boost leaks and would fix them for the $6500. THe car would probably hit high 200whp and some 12's with the boost leaks fixed and the new JDM motor. car is so close to being a finished project. Make a reasonable offer and you never know maybe I would sell cheaper.
96 200sx
-gtir manifold
-cobra maf (polished)
-nismo fpr
-walbro 255
-jwt ecu 4 bar
-spearco fmic
-custom intercooler piping
-370cc injectors
-greddy type s bov recirculated
-2.5" downpipe
-jwt s3 cams
-jwt cobra maf intake
-welded tranny (strengthened)case
-solid polyurethane mounts
-greddy turbo timer
-greddy profec b boost controller
-nitto 555rs on extra rims
-steel braided lines for oil and water lines for the turbo
-e.g.t. gauge
-oil press gauge
-boost gauge
-17" montegi's with nitto tires
-pair of stock rims w/ yokohamas
-eibach sportlines
-tokico blues
-short shifter
-projector headlights.
-polished valve cover
-chrome heatshield over the exh manifold
-sony motorized self hiding cd player
-tinted windows
-2.25 exhaust (would need to be upgraded to 3")

try those. And the car was filthy when these pics were taken. But the paint is worn as it is the original paint. pics are also be fore the 17" montegi rims.
I also have tons of extra parts incase you have another ser thats needs fixing that will go along with the sale of the car. hook up egr into down pipe and if you could beg jwt for their carb #to their turbo kit you would be able to pass smog. turbo parts except injectors and maf are brand new and all only have 4000 miles on them INcluding the turbo its self which i bought brand new.

Richard Casillas
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or make offer on car with JDM motor minus turbo stuff.

bump. NO one is interested? I have not taken out the original motor but a mechanic wanted to much to fix, especially since the motor had a lot of miles any way. I ordered a JDM 9.5-1 from bigtom (drilled and tapped to hook all turbo stuff back up.) that I am going to pick up next week. That is included in the price of the car.

I'm talking to my brother. Only thing car's white, and so is yours. He thinks thats *uncool*.

Can you get it smogged before the turbo kit? And with the motor...are you putting on all the turbo stuff or would the buyer have to??

Not sure how he's swaying, but the easier the deal, the more I can try to convince him.
THe car might be able to smog with the turbo stuff on All that would have to be done is hook up the egr. JWT already said I can try and use their carb exemption # if I did that. HOwever the tailpipe emissions still would be questionable. BUT I am ready to move on from this car so if your brother is serious let me know I will not hook up turbo stuff have it smogged and then either install the turbo stuff myself or have bigtom do the install. BUt the install would be easy anyways since it will all be bolt on and when I pay Tom for the motor I am paying extra to have him drill and tap for the turbo. SO either way let me know if he is interested. I would be willing to make it as easy on him as possible. I am going to talk to BigTom about him doing the work and I would pay him out of what your brother pays for the car. IF you would want the car with bad motor installed and you tow it away with new motor ready for you to swap in I would give him a really good price so that I wouldn't have to do all this work( I could pay BigTom to do the work but That would be more money out my pocket.) PRice is negotiable and we could work some thing out

Richard Casillas
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Okay, when my brother gets home tonight I'll talk to him about it. Just need to know a few things. Clean title? You have the title in hand? And you will smog it before right? If I can get a yes to all three, I don't know why he won't buy it. I'll post back up on what he's thinking around 9-10pm. Maybe later...he's stubborn. But the reason I ask all this is because he's gotta get a loan for the rest of the money. And bank's don't like to go around this stuff. And, about how long will all this stuff take? Don't want him to hand you the money and then wait a month for a car. Thanks...

yes it has a clean title, yes I have the title and yes I will smog it before hand. The only money I would want till the car is handed over is $500 so that I can be sure I am not wasting my time smogging it and stuff cause smog is not due for the car till the end of the year unless I sell and I if I did start to sell it to you I would need to get new motor in and running good, smog without turbo then install turbo. Definately tell me if he's interested and I will take as many photos as possible for him and we will really work out the money issue. I know most peeps don't want to hand over money but I dont want to do extra work for nothing.

richard Casillas
I feel ya. Just, it's now me. It's my brother. He's stubborn and a PITA to work with. He changes his mind every second. I'd really love if he bought this. Then I'd have turbo and All-Motor! Then...I could really gut the hell outta my car like I want. Then just drive his on the good days :D. Basically I'm using him for his money. Hehe.
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