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Gonna be moving in a cple months and I wanna take as little as possible with me on the move. I do have more parts but these are what's on the top of my head. I'll update the parts list as they sell or I think/find more........

OEM stuff
Passenger window- $20
Stock fwd sr header-$10
Stock vvl headers (long)-$15
2 valve covers-$10 each
Stock intake mani set-up complete-$15
P11 transmission gear stacks in perfect condition-$300 shipped
91 B13 passenger seat complete w/rails-$20
White b13 hood with functional hood scoop-$100

Real Greddy Rs bov- $100 shipped
Gtir turbo mani-$120
2.5 inch dp for use with gtir mani-$100
2.5 inch cat-back with a resonator and muffler-$100
Autometer mechanical boost guage-$20 (52mm)
2 t25/t28 compressor outlet pipes (2 different angles) -$20 each
Complete bluebird tmic kit-$100
Gtir compressor outlet pipe-$25
Like new 450cc injectors (bought them new and only used to try to get car running)-$300 shipped
2.5 black coated intercooler piping(90degree bends, 45degree, U-shape bends)-$10 each
2.5 black couplers and reducers with t-bolt clamps(some 90degree bend couplers)-$15 each. U'll get 1 coupler and 2 clamps.

More parts to come. Lmk *** u want. Will trade for
Nistune obd 1 ecu for b13.
4x114 rims with or w/o tires
Performance parts for a Vortec 454 big block Chevy
A Paint job on a car(can add cash on-top)
Suspension for P11
Jwt S3r cams for a roller rocker motor
Roller rocker bottom end or complete head
Exhaust for P11
Cordless impact wrench
Mossberg 12 Guage 590A1
Hunting rifles

Don't deny Jesus Christ
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Just added more stuff to the list:) common guys, let's get this stuff moving. P.S- guys I know the economy is tough and a lot of ppl are getting ripped off but feel free to check my feedback before you send money or even inquire about any parts:)

Don't deny Jesus Christ
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I believe it is but it was done at a local muffler shop. U want me to chop it into a cple pieces to save u some cash on shipping? That'll be a good idea if you can weld.
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