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Alright turbo junkies, I've had this turbo laying around a while, and wanted to see what the experts think. I have a gt2554r BB on my Mazda right now, and it's starting to whistle....

Here are the specs for the Grand Prix turbo i have laying around:

Cooling: Water and Oil

Lubrication oil flow: 1.2 L/m SAE 30, 90Degrees C, 2.75 Bar

Bearing: Floating sleeve

Turbo Complete Part number: 465939-2X

CHRA Number: 431876-29

Compressor housing casting number: M24

Compressor A/R: .80

Compressor wheel trim: 70

Compressor wheel diameter Ind/Exd: 1.69”/2.02”

Compressor flow: 29 lbs/Min

Turbine housing casting number: M4

Turbine A/R: .68

Turbine wheel trim: 62

Here are the current BB GT2554r specs :

Ball bearing
* Oil & Water-cooled bearing system
* Smallest ball-bearing turbocharger
* Internally wastegated turbine housing
* T25 turbine inlet flange
* Great size for applications w/ packaging constraints
* Ideal for smaller displacement engines making up to 270 hp

Compressor Specs:
Inducer: 42.0mm
Exducer: 54.3mm
Trim: 60
A/R: 0.80

Turbine Specs:
Wheel Diameter: 53.0mm
Trim: 62
A/R: 0.64
Type: Internal Gate

How do you think the Grand Prix t25 will perform compared to my current GT2554r ? Thanks a lot guys.

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Nobody knows eh ? I'm assuming the pontiac t25 will spool a bit later, and flow better at higher rpm, slightly. Anybody ?
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