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Blue Bird T25 200.00 shipped
Blue Bird Manifold 150.00 shipped
Intercooler "Starion" reworked for b13 blue bird swap 100.00 shipped
Intercooler Piping for b13 blue bird swap 125.00 shipped " this set up was used with the intercooler listed above"
HKS Old school sequential blow off valve 75.00 shipped
4- 370cc's injectors 100.00 shipped
all pieces are used and in good condition, the intercooler has some bent fins as i think every single intercooler ive ever seen does from daily driving

or the entire kit for 700.00 shipped

come on forum members this is a great deal for essentially a nice little t25 kit all u need is walbro fuel pump, oil and water lines for the turbo, tap the block, 2.5"-3" exhaust and an afc and you got your self a 210 whp beast

this is shipped too come one someone buy the entire kit potential buyers keep falling through

thanks tj

Enjoy the GTR Matt!
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Wait a minute... we have a deal on the injectors, intercooler and IC piping.. what's up with posting it for sale again?

All I did was ask for either pictures, or tell me there are no dents or leaks in the IC and if the injectors work or not.

Like I said before, I'm ready to send Paypal as soon as you either send pics or tell me everything is OK.

- still out of town until Sunday night, I might get to check PMs one more time tonight later.
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