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Turbo Kits vs. DET swap pro's and cons

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I was reading over the website
some posted this week and got to thinking "man, tapping the block, all
these clearance problems, sounded like one big headache" from what he
wrote. Granted he did a great job and it looks great, just sounds like a
TON of work with too many mistakes to be made from my clumsy hands. I'm
pretty handy but when it comes to drilling holes in my engine block, I

Anyways, what's the opinions of turbo kit versus a DET swap? What are the
power output differences between say the Hotshot kit, Fmax kits, and stock
DET? Can you get more power tweaking a turboed DE or tweaking a DET? Which
out of all these would be most cost effective? Which route is the
easiest and/or causes the least amounts of headaches?

I have yet to find info on Ben Benavides car besides that he built it
using "off the shelf pasts that any of us can get our hands on" or
something like that. Where can I find info on his buildup, or is there

Thanks in advance
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Oops, getting of the original topic of MY questions like we always do on this board lol :). ME ME ME :)
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