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hey guys i'm newt. I am doing a homebrew turbo install on my 92 classic.

I'm going to roll my own exhaust manifold, probably a simple log type.

Any one have any clear pics of the factory Det manifold or gti pulsar manifold so i can get an idea about what goes where?

I was thinking of using a garrett T3 from an 86 ford turbo coupe, but i don't know if the exhaust elbow points the right way.


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The Elbow will not point the right way for any sort of Sr20 Manifold. Flange would have to face the radiator and there would be no room. You can buy a T3 downpipe flange from Road race engineering for 20$ or so. Only bad thing is you would have to fabricate something for the Wastgate or go external. The ford T3 turbos use a Wastgate that is intergrated into the elbow. Hope that Helps..


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hey guys,
thanks for the info. i had a feeling the ford t3 wouldn't work. does that mean that most add on turbos use an external wastegate?

can anyone suggest a common boneyard turbo with similar specs to a t3 with .48 a/r or so, i looking for 10 -12 lbs boost with little lag.

ihi or mitsubishi ? maybe off an early talon.
I think a t25 might be to small.

thanks, and thanks for the pic 2.

this forum is great.
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